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September 20, 2023

ICOM Europe’s Involvement in ICOM Alliance Meetings: July 3 and September 4, 2023 Network

During the meetings in both July and September, ICOM Europe had two specific requests. Firstly, ICOM Europe sought involvement in all discussions related to the ongoing reorganizations within the General Secretariat. Unfortunately, the first request concerning the General Secretariat has not been addressed yet, and ICOM Europe plans to revisit it during the next Advisory Council meeting.

The second request was to designate a corresponding person for the Alliances within the General Secretariat. This request has been echoed by other Alliances and has garnered the attention of the President. Recognizing the significance of the Alliances in Emma Nardi’s perspective, it is essential to allocate the necessary resources, including human resources, to support their activities. The next meeting of the Alliances is scheduled for November 6, and ICOM Europe is committed to taking appropriate actions in this regard.

In addition to the above, ICOM Europe participated in the ICOM IMREC governing board meeting on September 14 and discussed relations with ICOM Africa. There is a project in development to facilitate a seminar among museum professionals focusing on the provenance of collections.

ICOM Europe strongly believes that the Regional Alliances should hold a more prominent position within the organization, and it is incumbent upon our governance to recognize the potential of their members, who collectively possess substantial experience as ICOM officials. To address this, ICOM Europe has scheduled a meeting with the interim deputy director to discuss concrete steps forward.