Our Statutes


1. Name and Address

The name of the Organization is ICOM-EUROPE. Its address is as determined from time to time by the Executive Board of ICOM-EUROPE.

2. Relationship with ICOM

ICOM-EUROPE is a Regional Organization of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) established under Article 15 para.1 of the Statutes of ICOM. Its activities are at all times subject to the Statutes and to these Rules, made in accordance with Article 28 of the Statutes.

3. Aims

The aims of ICOM-EUROPE are to:

(I) Provide a forum for exchange of information and co-operation between National Committees in the Region;

(II) Provide the framework for co-operation between museums, museum training centers and museums professionals in the Region;

(III) Promote membership of ICOM among professional museum workers and museums in the Region;

(IV) Advise ICOM on the development and implementation of its programmes with special reference to the needs and circumstances of the Region;

(V) Assist National Committees in the Region and any international Committees of ICOM active in the Region, in the implementation of their programmes.

(VI) Assure cooperation with other Regional ICOM organizations.

In pursuance of these Aims, ICOM-EUROPE will arrange such meetings and produce such

publications as it deems necessary, provided the costs of so doing are met by ICOM-EUROPE.

4. Membership

All National Committees of Europe as defined by UNESCO (except Canada) are automatically members of ICOM-Europe.

If a National Committee that is a member of ICOM-EUROPE is suspended under Article 14, para. 16 or has its recognition withdrawn by the Executive Council under Article 17 of the Statutes, its membership of ICOM-EUROPE shall be suspended or terminated and shall only be reinstated if and when the Executive Council of ICOM reactivates the National Committee.


If the Board of ICOM-EUROPE considers that a National Committee has acted in flagrant violation of the Statutes or the Code of Ethics of ICOM, it may submit evidence to the Executive Council and request the Council to withdraw recognition from that Committee.

5. Rights of Members

A National Committee that is a member of ICOM-EUROPE shall be entitled to participate fully in all activities of ICOM-EUROPE.

The Board of ICOM-EUROPE may not exclude a member of a National Committee from any activities or programmes of ICOM-EUROPE on any grounds other than suspension or withdrawal of recognition of that Committee by the Executive Council of ICOM.

A National Committee that is a member of ICOM-EUROPE shall have the right to exercise one vote at General Meetings of ICOM-EUROPE. The right to vote is executed by the National Committee chairman, directly or by proxy.

6. Management of the Regional Organization

There shall be a Board of ICOM-EUROPE consisting of a Chairperson and six other persons, elected by the members, together with the President of ICOM, any member of the Executive Council resident in the Region, the Chairperson of the Advisory Committee and the immediate past Chairperson of ICOM-EUROPE (all of whom shall be members ex officio).

The Chairperson and the elected members of the Board shall be individual Members, or designated representatives of Institutional Members of ICOM, and be chairperson or former chairperson of the National Committees forming the Regional Organization ICOM-EUROPE or an active representative of any other body of ICOM provided they also have the support of the respective National Committee.

The Chairperson and the elected members of the Board shall be elected at the triennial General Meeting of ICOM-EUROPE held in association with the General Assembly of ICOM. They shall hold office for a three-year term. An elected member may only be re-elected once unless subsequently elected as Chairperson.

A person may serve only two consecutive terms as Chairperson.

No person may serve for more than twelve consecutive years on the Board.

A person is not eligible for re-election to the Board until at least one three-year term has elapsed since they were last a member.

Nominations for the positions of Chairperson and elected members of the Board shall be sought by the Secretary-General at least six months prior to the triennial General Meeting of ICOM-EUROPE.


If sufficient nominations to fill the vacant positions on the Board of ICOM-EUROPE are not received by the date of the triennial General Meeting, eligible persons present at the meeting may be nominated from the floor.

A member of the Executive Board shall cease to hold office if the member:

– Ceases to be chairperson of an ICOM-EUROPE National Committee.

– Resigns.

– Ceases to be a member of the National Committee of which he or she was a member at the time of the elections,

– Is no longer a member in good standing (Statutes, Article 1, para.3).

If a vacancy arises on the Executive Board more than one year before the next triennial General Meeting of the Organization, the Executive Board shall seek to co-opt another member of ICOM-Europe to fill the vacancy. Where possible, the Board will co-opt a chairperson or a representative of a National Committee in the same sub region. If no suitable person is available from those National Committees, the Board may co-opt any chairperson of a National Committee of ICOM-Europe or a representative whom it considers suitable.

The Board shall be responsible for managing the affairs of ICOM-EUROPE. It shall meet as often as it deems necessary, but shall meet at least once between triennial General Meetings of ICOM-EUROPE. Interim meetings take place in association with ICOM Advisory Council meetings. It may conduct its business by correspondence or by simultaneous electronic communication between the members participating.

A quorum for a meeting of the Board shall be one more than half the number of elected members, present personally or by proxy. Ex officio members present shall not be counted in establishing whether a quorum is present or not. An elected member of the Board who is unable to attend a meeting of the Board may appoint another member in good standing as proxy for that meeting.

The Board shall nominate a person for designation by the Secretary-General of ICOM as Executive Officer of ICOM-EUROPE. The Executive Officer shall be responsible to the Board for the conduct of the affairs of ICOM-EUROPE. In day-to-day matters the Executive Officer shall be answerable to the Chairperson of ICOM-EUROPE.

Any costs associated with the appointment and duties of an Executive Officer shall be the responsibility of the Board of ICOM-EUROPE.

7. Finances of the Regional Organization

The finances of ICOM-EUROPE shall be entirely the responsibility of ICOM-EUROPE and no Individual or Institutional Member of ICOM nor ICOM in its international capacity shall be held responsible for any debts or contractual obligations entered into by ICOM-EUROPE.


ICOM-EUROPE may raise such funds as it considers necessary but may not impose any membership subscription.

ICOM-EUROPE may impose such charges for participation in meetings (other than the triennial General Meeting) as are necessary to defray the costs incurred by the organisers.

ICOM-EUROPE may accept grants and donations from Governments, Foundations, and individuals and from National Committees in the Region.

ICOM-EUROPE may produce at its own expense and sell publications but shall inform the Secretary-General of ICOM before doing so.

8. Meetings of the Organization

The Board shall, in consultation with the Secretary-General, arrange for a meeting of ICOM-EUROPE to be held in conjunction with each General Assembly of ICOM, which shall be the triennial General Meeting of ICOM-EUROPE.

The business of the triennial General Meeting shall include among other items:

(I) the election of the members of the Board,

(II) a review of the programme of ICOM-EUROPE for the preceding triennium,

(III) adoption of a programme of work for the following triennium.

The board shall meet at least once between triennial General Meetings of ICOM-EUROPE. Interim meetings take place in association with ICOM Advisory Council meetings. The Board shall arrange such other Meetings of ICOM-EUROPE in years between triennial Meetings as are necessary. If not in association with ICOM Advisory Council meetings the agreement of the National Committee of a State in which it is proposed to hold a meeting of ICOM-EUROPE shall be obtained before any such meeting is held.

The National Committee of a State, in which it is proposed to hold a meeting of ICOM-EUROPE, shall ensure that no impediment is placed in the way of any member of ICOM in good standing who is a member of a National Committee that is a member of ICOM-EUROPE, attending such meeting.

National Correspondents from States in the region and members of ICOM resident in the region are entitled to attend meetings of ICOM-EUROPE subject to any limitation imposed under Rule 8 (f).

The number of persons from any one National Committee who may attend a meeting of ICOM-EUROPE may be limited by the Board, but the selection of persons to attend the meeting shall be the prerogative of the National Committee concerned.

The quorum for the triennial General Meeting of ICOM-EUROPE shall be one quarter of the number of National Committees which are members of ICOM-EUROPE, represented at the meeting by a member of that Committee in person or by proxy.

9. Amendments to Rules

The Rules of ICOM-EUROPE are adopted by the EUROPE National Committees present at the 63.rd Advisory Committee meeting, Paris 4.th June 2002, and may be amended at any subsequent triennial General Meeting of ICOM-EUROPE.

Any suggested amendments to the Rules must be proposed by a National Committee that is a member of ICOM-EUROPE, or by the Secretary-General of ICOM. The text of any proposed amendments, together with any explanatory material, shall be notified to the members of ICOM-EUROPE at least three months prior to the triennial General Meeting at which they are to be considered.

A proposed amendment may be further amended at the triennial General Meeting at which it is considered, but only if the further amendment is of a minor nature. The Chairperson of the meeting shall decide whether a further amendment is of a minor nature.

Adoption and amendment of the Rules shall require the support of a three-quarters majority of the members present and voting.

10. Dissolution of ICOM-EUROPE.

ICOM-EUROPE shall be dissolved by a decision of the Executive Council of ICOM, taken in accordance with the Statutes, Article15, para. 7.

In the event that ICOM-EUROPE is dissolved, its assets (if any) shall be transferred to ICOM headquarters and shall be dealt with in such manner as the Executive Council thinks fit.

Paris June 4, 2002

National Committees of:

Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Latvia, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Yugoslavia.

Seoul / Korea, October 6, 2004

Amendments adopted by the annual conference of ICOM-Europe