Board Members

ICOM Europe Board (2022 – 2025)

President (08. 2022 – 02.2024) – Juliette Raoul-Duval (France)
Her entire career has been spent in the service of museums, first as head of the museum office at the Ministry of Research and Higher Education, then as General Secretary of the Palais de la Découverte, and finally as Deputy Director and Director of the Musée des Arts et Métiers in Paris.
She was President of ICOM France until September 2022. In this position, she actively contributed to the reflection on museums, their definition, their missions, and the major challenges they face. She has led dozens of debates between professionals in France and abroad, inviting institutional, political and scientific leaders and opening up the most lively subjects for discussion: restitutions, resources, sustainable development, the paradoxes of the 21st century museum, etc.
Juliette Raoul-Duval is also member of :
. Fondation. la Ruche Seydoux : General Secretary
. Bouclier Bleu France : Board Member
. Amscsti (french National Association of Museums and Scientific Centres) ; Board Member
. France Museum Développement : Advisory Council board member

President (02.2024 – 11.2025) – Giuliana Ericani (Italy)
She is an Art Historian, graduated in 1974 in the University of Padua with Rodolfo Pallucchini. After a long fellowship in the University of Padua, from 1980 to 2002 she was in the staff of Ministry of Culture in the Soprintendenza of Veneto.
City of Bassano del Grappa manager and Director of the Musei Biblioteca Archivio of Bassano del Grappa from 2002 to 2015, she was in charge of the different services of the institution, the Library, the Art and the Naturalistic Museums, the historical Archives, the Print and Drawings Cabinet and the related reserves. She organized more than fifteen conferences and twenty exhibitions, nationally and internationally. She outfitted all the sections of the Bassano museums, opened in 2007 the Museum Remondini, praized as ICOM Italy Year Museum in 2010.
She is author of important books and entries (200 c.) about art and decorative arts in Veneto, silver, furniture and wooden sculptures, ceramics and textiles from XV to XVIII century. She coordinated and directed museological and museographic settings and exhibitions. She directed two symposiums on contemporary ceramic. She took part, as member of the related scientific committees to important exhibitions in Veneto from 1980 nowadays. She made some academic lectures in The National Gallery in London, Apsley House in London, at the Isabella Steward Gardner in Boston, at the Universities of Milan, Venice and Padua.
She was in charge of the course of “Museum management and exhibition institutions” at the School of Specialization in Historic-Artistic Heritage of the Department of History of Visual Arts and Music of the University of Padua from 2010 to 2017. As part of the course she edited in 2019 a publication with proposals for a new fitting of some sections of the Civic Museum of Padua.
She was chair of ICOM ICFA, the international Committee of Fine Arts and Collections from 2010 to 2016. As chair she organized, once a year, a meeting on Fine Arts museums matters, around the world: Shanghai, 2010: From Silk road to containers ship: artefacts, environment and cultural transfer; Malta 2011: The Mediterranean as a hub of artistic ideas; Moscow 2012: Museum Complexes: Principles of functioning, management and development; Rio de Janeiro, 2013: Museums as connectors of cultures; Palermo 2014: Old and new outfittings in the Fine Arts Museums; Lausanne 2015: Fine Arts museums in the digital era; Milan 2016: Museums and cultural landscapes.
She was confirmed as member of the Board of ICOM Europe for the three-year period 2019-2022, a position already held between 2016 and 2019. In 2017 she organized the annual conference “The role of local and regional museums in the making of a people’s Europe” in Bologna, of which the proceedings are available ( -peoples-europe /). She is currently chairman of the ICOM Italia Committee of Probiviri, member of the Board of C.I.H.A Italy and member of the Board of the Accademia Galleries of Venice.

Board members:

Mario Nuno do Bento Antas (Portugal)
PhD in Museology by Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies with the final classification ofUnanimously Approved with Praise and Distinction(2014).
Postgraduate course in Museology by Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies (2007).
Master in Art History by Universidade Lusíada, Lisbon. (2000)
Postgraduate Course in Museology and Heritage by Universidade Lusíada, Lisbon with the final classification of Very Good (1996)
Professionalization in History teaching by Universidade Lusíada, Lisbon. (1996)
Degree in History, scientific branch by Universidade Lusíada, Lisbon. (1994)
Professional activity:
Director of the National Coach Museum, Lisbon, Portugal since August 1st, 2021.
Senior technician on the staff of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage since 2006. As a senior technician at the National Museum of Archeology, he developed several projects. In 2012 he was awarded with the prize for best educational practice in Museums by the International Council of Museums – Committee on Education and Cultural Action (2012). Coordination of the Portuguese team of the international project Museums and Community: concepts, Experiences, and Sustainability in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean (EU-LAC) funded by Horizon 2020 – Research and Innovation Framework Program Education (H2020-INT-SOCIETY-2015) of the European Commission.
Coordination of the Portuguese team of the European Project EMEE Eurovision – Museums Exhibiting Europe funded by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) from 2012-2016.
Guest Teacher/Lecturer at Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies, Department of Museology and supervisor of master’s dissertations and doctoral theses.
Guest Expert at several international seminars hosted by the Council of Europe and was an international member of the education awards committee of the Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington (2019).
He is the author/co-author of scientific articles in national and international journals on History, Museology, Art and Heritage.
He has guided his research in the field of Museology, namely in education, communication and relationship with the public.
ICOM Experience:
In 2012, Mário Antas won the prize for Best Educational Practice in Museums by ICOM-CECA.
He was a board member of the International Council of Museums Portugal (ICOM Portugal) between 2014-2020.
He was European coordinator of ICOM-CECA (International Council of Museums-Committee on Education and Cultural Action) between 2016-2019.
Since 2019, he has been a member of the board of ICOM Europe.

Alexandre Chevalier (Belgium)
Chair ICOM Belgium (2020-2023) & Chair ICOM Belgique Wallonie/Bruxelles




Lana Karaia (Georgia)
Chair of ICOM Georgia, Head of the Museum of Tbilisi State Academy of Art




Elke Kellner (Austria)
Managing Director of ICOM Austria




Bjorn Stenvers (Netherlands) 
Museum marketing expert; Board member of ICOM MPR
Björn is CEO of the I-NGO Eye Care Foundation 1 . He combines this role with his many museum activities via the Manus Brinkman Fund (in honor of ICOM’s first Dutch Secretary General) and the ICOM MPR board. Before he developed his museum activities as CEO at the ICOM Endowment Fund of the International Committee of Museums (ICOM/ UNESCO 2 ) in Paris.
Stenvers had been director of the Amsterdam Museums Foundation from 2013 up to 2017.
Björn Stenvers worked as director of marketing at the Amsterdam Public Libraries (2003-2007). In 2007 he and the OBA won the bid for UNESCO World Book Capital City for Amsterdam (2008). He was in the Cultural Leadership International program of the British Council 2010-2011. From 2013, he set up and worked on the development of the Amsterdam Museums (Foundation). He has several degrees in Marketing, Art History and Communications.
Internationally he advices Ministries on working together for better returns. Stenvers lectured in Rome at the prestigious Universita Roma Tre.
He holds a number of board positions in Amsterdam: chair of the supervisory board of the People & University of Amsterdam, chair of the Diamond Museum Amsterdam, the Amsterdamsche Fund and the Amsterdam Light Festival. Abroad he is in the board of ICOM MPR, the Russian Art Museum and the Sarian Museum (Yerevan). He is Trustee of the World Heritage Site of Brest Fortress (Belarus) and Honorary Trustee of the Altai Museums (Republic of Altai). He is official advisor of the Moscow Zoo, the Komi Republic and the Erasmus House (Jakarta).



ICOM Europe board (2019 – 2022)


Luís Raposo (Portugal) – Executive Board member of ICOM

Board members

  • Jacques Terrière (France) – Member of ICOM France board; nominated treasure by the President
  • Guliana Ericani (Italy) – Member of ICOM Italy board
  • Monika Hagedorn-Saupe (Germany) – Chair of CIDOC, Member of the board of the EUROPEANA FOUNDATION, Chair of the SIG Documentation in the German Museum Association
  • Teti Hadjinicoalau (Greece) – Member of ICOM Greece board
  • Elke Kellner (Austria) – ICOM Austria managing director