Board Members

Directive elected board (2019 – 2022)


Luís Raposo (Portugal)

Former chair of ICOM Portugal; member the central Working Group on the Statutes, Internal Rules and Regulations and Governance; member of the central Strategic Plan and Resolutions Monitoring Committee; member of the Resolutions Committee for the ICOM General Conference; ICOM Ambassador for the creation of an ICOM International Training Centre for Africa.

Board members

Jacques Terrière (France)

Member of ICOM France board; nominated treasure by the President

Guliana Ericani (Italy)

Member of ICOM Italy board

Monika Hagedorn-Saupe (Germany)

Chair of CIDOC, Member of the board of the EUROPEANA FOUNDATION, Chair of the SIG Documentation in the German Museum Association

Teti Hadjinicoalau (Greece)

Member of ICOM Greece board

Elke Kellner (Austria)

ICOM Austria managing director