January 2024


Save the date: PLENARY Session for all ICOM Europe members – February 26th (12:00-14:00 Paris time)!

ICOM Europe Report and way forward: 


Updates from ICOM International:

  • The Call for the position of ICOM Director General is now open, and we encourage you to disseminate this information among your members. Our gratitude goes to ICOM and the Executive Board for this development. We hope for the long-term stabilization of the situation at the ICOM General Secretariat. On your behalf, we expressed our desire for an open procedure last year, emphasizing the involvement of National and International Committees and Alliances in defining the Director’s tasks and Secretariat’s responsibilities. We emphasize the need for an ad hoc Advisory Council, recognizing the progress made while emphasizing the importance of continued discussion on past conflict situations, their financial and human implications, and addressing members’ needs concerning ICOM.
  • The SAREC call for grants has concluded, and we await the results. These grants are crucial for all, especially for the Alliances and International Committees with limited resources. We appreciate SAREC for organizing two preparatory information meetings that aided our understanding of the selection criteria. Additionally, two new International Committees have been established: SUSTAIN – the International Committee on Museums and Sustainable Development, and SOMUS – the International Committee on Social Museology.
  • Numerous other activities within our organization are ongoing, and you can stay updated on your ICOM membership space. We will soon provide further information, including the agenda for our Annual General Meeting in Marseille, details on projects selected by SAREC, and the announcement of the host city for the 2028 General Conference, among other updates.


Three Scientific Symposia:

Please find links to the recordings and summaries of three significant scientific symposia held in 2023:

  1. Lisbon, Portugal (2 and 3 October) – “Bridging the gap between museeums and communities: the role of communication and education” – https://icomeulisbon23.org/
  2. Lahti, Finland (18 November) – “Public policies for sustainable development in museums in Europe: Comparisons, cooperation”

3. Athens, Greece (12 and 13 December) – “Europe of Museums: New definition, new perspectives Identity, Credibility, Sustainability”

I extend sincere gratitude to the members of the ICOM Europe Board and all National Committee members who actively participated in these events, engaging around 400 participants and featuring approximately fifty speakers of diverse nationalities. Special thanks to Emma Nardi and Antonio Rodrigues for their continuous support. These seminars were invaluable for discussing common issues, and we intend to enhance communication through social networks, both ours and ICOM’s, to foster more in-person and online participation. Our goal is to extend the life of these debates by promptly sharing them online and, when possible, translating or publishing them.

European Project: “European Collaborative Cloud for Cultural Heritage” (ECCHOES)

ICOM Europe and ICOM Portugal collaboratively joined a consortium in response to a European Commission project call, and the project was approved. While work is yet to commence, we will keep you informed as our role involves structuring the participation of European museums.

Cooperation Between Entities:

  • Regional Alliances: Online meetings between the 7 Alliances, organized every two months by President Emma Nardi, facilitate mutual information exchange. We recognize the importance of these meetings, yet their potential is constrained by a lack of statutes and resources. A more effective role in uniting National Committees requires addressing this issue.
  • Alliances in Europe: ICOM Europe initiated efforts to bring together ICOM Nord and ICOM SEE, emphasizing the strengthened role achieved through collaboration. Clear communication about the existence and relevance of the three Alliances within Europe is essential.
  • NEMO (Network of European Museum Organizations): Closer collaboration with NEMO has materialized, with joint annual meetings and shared participation in cross-cutting initiatives. A planned meeting in March will further strengthen this partnership.
  • Ecsite (European Network of Science Centres and Museums): Increased collaboration between ICOM Europe and Ecsite was observed at events in Brussels and during the ICOM Europe Annual Meeting in Lahti.

These collaborative efforts underscore the importance of fostering partnerships within the cultural heritage sector, enabling collective progress and impactful initiatives.


ICOM Europe is actively engaged in three diverse projects submitted to SAREC, reflecting our commitment to advancing global museum initiatives. These projects, spanning various funding schemes, underscore our dedication to the museum community’s sustainability and resilience:

  1. Digital Museum Sustainability Talks: Special Project led by ICOM Italy (Special Projects – Partnership).
  2. Strengthening the Museums in Africa: Solidarity Project focused on enhancing the capacities of National Committees (NCs) in addressing global challenges for the development of museums in Africa. Led by ICOM Africa (Solidarity Projects – Partnership).
  3. Heritage Resilience: Safeguarding Cultural Heritage in Crisis Zones: Solidarity Project under the scientific leadership of ICOM Georgia (Steering). Involves training and seminars (Solidarity Projects – Main Applicant), co-leading with ICOM Georgia.

ICOM Europe’s commitment extends beyond project involvement, encompassing four key meetings planned for 2024:

  1. Executive Boards Meeting: Joint meeting of the executive boards of ICOM, ICOM Europe, and ICOM Portugal in Lisbon (April 8-13th). Concurrent conference themed “To Museums, Citizens!” (April 11-12th).
  2. ICOM Europe Meeting: Scheduled in Marseille (date to be decided around the General Assembly on June 8-12).
  3. Conference by ICOM Spain: Cultural Ecosystems in the Digital Age: Towards a Reflexive and Critical Use of Digital Technologies. Location: Malaga, Spain (June 19-20).
  4. ICOM Europe Annual conference Focused on safeguarding cultural heritage in crisis zones. Hosted by and organized in collaboration with ICOM Georgia in Tbilisi (November).

These projects and meetings showcase ICOM Europe’s dedication to fostering collaboration, sustainability, and resilience within the international museum community.


In 2025, ICOM Europe is set to hold its annual meeting at the Louvre Abu Dhabi near Dubai. Initial preparations include an early-year meeting to address organizational aspects and discuss the theme of a joint symposium. The ICOM Arab Regional Alliance is actively involved, ensuring collaborative planning. This proactive approach reflects our commitment to a well-coordinated and meaningful event in 2025, fostering international cooperation within the cultural heritage community.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting journey leading up to the Louvre Abu Dhabi event.

Requests for COOPERATION:

  1. Participation in IRAPFM Survey: ICOM-IMREC invites all members to contribute to the survey on public funding of museums (IRAPFM), conducted by the University of Quebec in Montreal. Connect with your National Committees and encourage them to participate by sharing this link: Survey Link. For any inquiries, contact our IRAPFM colleagues, Heidi Weber, at Museums.funding@gmail.com.
  2. Support for Ukrainian Colleagues at the International Congress of Art History: The Congress Steering Committee seeks support to invite colleagues from Ukraine to the International Congress of Art History in Lyon, France, in June 2024. If interested in contributing through your National Committee, please contact Olivier Bonfait, President of the Comité français d’histoire de l’art (CFHA), at CFHA Website or CFHA Twitter.

In conclusion, I’d like to emphasize three crucial points:

  1. Revision of the Code of Ethics: Continued advocacy for the revision of the Code of Ethics, our shared cultural foundation.
  2. Protection of Cultural Heritage in Conflict Zones: Collaboration with ICOM Georgia for training sessions in November, marking the 70th anniversary of the Hague Convention. If you have commemorative events planned, please inform us.
  3. “To Museum, Citizens!” Conference: Organized by Luis Raposo, a member of the ICOM Executive Board and the Portuguese National Committee, this international conference on “Museums and Citizenship: Experiences, Concepts, and Challenges” will be held in Lisbon from April 19-12th. The event, part of the 50th-anniversary celebrations of the Carnation Revolution, aims to explore the role of museums in citizenship construction and is organized by Museus e Monumentos de Portugal, EPE, in partnership with ICOM and ICOM Portugal National Committee.

ICOM Europe Board Organization Update:

Effective March 15th 2024, a position swap within the ICOM Europe Board will occur. Juliette Raoul-Duval, the current Chair, will become the Vice-Chair, and Giuliana Ericani, the current Vice-Chair, will assume the role of Chair until the next elections in Dubai.

CONCLUSION and Call for Participation:

Since Prague, we’ve made significant strides for ICOM Europe. Let’s consolidate our efforts into a shared document, showcasing our dynamism. Our goal is to present a united message in Dubai in 2025, representing our diversity and commitment to dialogue.

We propose a plenary session on February 26th (12:00-14:00 Paris time) to discuss this and update you on the board’s reorganization.

This meeting is a “call for participation.” Reach out via email to contribute.

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Juliette Raoul-Duval – Chair of ICOM Europe