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September 21, 2023

ICOM Europe International Conference 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal: Update on Programme Conference

Dear ICOM Europe Members and Colleagues,

We are delighted to share that the conference program for the ICOM Europe International Conference 2023 is now available!

Join us on October 2nd and 3rd, 2023, at Lisbon’s National Coach Museum for this significant event organized by ICOM Europe Regional Alliance in partnership with ICOM Portugal, ICOM Georgia, ICOM Croatia, Lusofona University, UNESCO Portugal, and Lisbon National Coach Museum.

The conference, themed “Bridging the Gap between Museums and Communities: The Role of Communication and Education,” is a unique opportunity for our diverse global community of ICOM members, educators, museum professionals, and communication experts. Over two days, we will analyze empowering communities as co-creators of knowledge through engaging discussions on key themes:

  • Memory and Community: Museums as cultural hubs to showcase heritage’s true value.
  • Communication, Education, and Community: Strategies to amplify community voices.
  • Heritage as Diversity: Objects’ multiple meanings for different communities.
  • Inclusion of Underrepresented Communities: Giving voice to all.
  • Addressing Challenges: Using communication and education to engage communities.
  • Virtual vs. Real Engagement: Transforming virtual visitors into real museumgoers.

We invite you to explore the detailed conference program to discover our lineup of speakers, sessions, and engaging discussions.

Join us in Lisbon to strengthen museums’ role in building informed and vibrant communities.

We look forward to your active participation!