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May 22, 2024

International Seminar ICOM SPAIN – ICOM EUROPE Conference

On June 17-18, 2024, join us for the International Seminar: Museums, Tourism, and Innovation – Towards a Sustainable Future. Organized by ICOM España and ICOM Europe in collaboration with CM Málaga, Culture & Museums International Tech Forum, the event will be held at CM Málaga, FYCMA, Málaga, Spain.

The collaboration between the national committee of ICOM in the Kingdom of Spain, ICOM Spain, and the regional alliance of national committees in Europe, ICOM EUROPE, has been instrumental in organizing the International Seminar ‘Museums, Tourism, and Innovation: Towards a Sustainable Future’. This seminar is set to take place as part of the fourth edition of CM Malaga, Culture & Museums International Tech Forum.

This forward-thinking seminar will bring together over 20 experts and professionals from museum entities around the globe to explore the complex relationship between museums, tourism, and sustainable development, with innovation as the key focus.

Featured Museums and Speakers
The event will feature representatives from some of the world’s prestigeous museums, including: Louvre Museum, Paris; Accademia and Bargello Museums, Florence; Archaeological Park of the Colosseum, Rome; MOMA, New York; National Coach Museum, Lisbon; National Archaeological Museum, Prado Museum, and Museum of Pontevedra.

The program will showcase renowned museum and tourism professionals who will discuss pressing issues highlighting the interconnection of museum institutions, tourism, and sustainable development, with innovation as the focal point. Through expert debates, the seminar aims to provide a platform for professionals and future practitioners (students) to assess current practices, share successful experiences, and propose strategies to foster a sustainable relationship between tourism and museums.

The organizing bodies, ICOM Spain and ICOM EUROPE, along with the CM Malaga, are committed to facilitating this significant seminar. Their shared belief in the pivotal role of museums in driving social change, addressing global tourism challenges, and leveraging innovation for positive outcomes underscores the importance of this event.

CM Málaga, Culture & Museums International Tech Forum is the important event for professionals, companies, and institutions in the cultural industry. It serves as a global hub for discussing technology, innovation, and avant-garde projects that are transforming the management of museums, cultural centers, and heritage sites. The forum promotes a more sustainable, inclusive, and accessible model for the cultural sector.

Program Highlights:

  • Exhibition Area: Showcasing the latest in cultural technology and innovative projects.
  • Training Spaces: Offering sessions on digital humanism, sustainability, and social well-being.

Join us for two days of expert debates, successful case studies, networking with leading professionals, and discovering new business opportunities and innovative projects.

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Programme: Programme-ICOM-CM-2024.pdf