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May 11, 2018



The World Federation of Friends of Museums and the European Alliance of the International Council of Museums advocate new public policies for museums

Nearly a decade after their last joint position on “Sustainable Cultural Tourism”, the World Federation of Friends of Museums and the European Alliance of the International Council of Museums converge again in defense of museums in a Declaration on “Museums, Social Landmarks”. Presented publicly on the eve of the International Museums Day (18 May), this is a statement aiming also to mark and celebrate the European Year of Cultural Heritage, which is taking place in 2018, and will be known as the “Declaration of Funchal”, for being formally adopted by the presidents of both organizations in the headquarters of the Regional Government of Madeira and subsequently publicly presented in City Hall of Funchal, on May 11, on the occasion of the Annual General Meeting of the World Federation of Friends of Museums.

The “Declaration of Funchal” recalls the centrality of museums in the contemporary world and the great attachment of citizens to them, very visible, in the European case, as witnessed by the most recent Eurobarometer on Cultural Heritage. The very destructive effects on museums of the global financial crisis which began about a decade ago and which only a handful of countries have overcome in recent years, are also highlighted. In the current context of economic recovery, the two organizations consider it to be time to launch a set of strategic guidelines and operational measures, for both the museums and the governmental entities in each country. Museums are encouraged, in particular, to promote community involvement, the launching of programs especially geared towards young adults and the strengthening of the capacity to function as catalysts for local economic development. Authorities are recommended to reinforce funding and to develop a whole new public policy agenda focused on creating or strengthening cooperative networks, promoting mobile exhibitions, sharing services and resources, and broadening the use of new digital technologies, potentiating new connections between museums (in line with the theme of this year’s International Museum Day, calling for “hyper-connected museums”), and of these with their publics and the communities in which they are situated.

Read the Declaration of Funchal (English) here

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Photo: The Museum and Botanic Garden Madeira, over the town of Funchal.

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