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February 16, 2024

Save the Date: ICOM Europe Plenary Meeting Network

Dear ICOM Europe members,

This is a reminder about our upcoming Plenary Meeting scheduled for Monday, February 26, from noon to 2 (Paris time). Your active participation is crucial, and your valuable insights will greatly contribute to the success of our discussions.

Meeting Registration: Please register to attend the meeting via this link: Registration

Agenda Highlights:

  1. ICOM AWARD sustainability – Emma Nardi, Rachelle Kalee.
  2. Presentation of ICOM Europe’s 2024 Work Program:
    • Luis Raposo: Overview of the Lisbon seminar (9-12 April)
    • Giuliana Ericani: Announcement of the European alliances meeting in Marseille, France (10-12 June)
    • Maria Auxiliadora Llamas – International conference in Malaga about Cultural Ecosystems in the Digital Age: Towards a Reflexive and Critical Use of Digital Technologies (June)
    • Lana Karaia: Preliminary update for the ICOM Europe Annual Conference in Tbilisi, Georgia (November-December)
    • Overview of the European project Echoes, jointly associated with ICOM Europe and ICOM Portugal

3. National Committee Updates:

    • Share significant events from your national committee
    • Specify any subjects you wish to discuss for efficient session organization

4. Organization of the ICOM Europe board for the Coming Months.

Your proactive involvement and insights on the proposed topics will enhance the meeting’s outcomes. Kindly inform us in advance if you plan to discuss a particular subject.

We look forward to your presence and valuable contributions.

Best regards,

Juliette Raoul-Duval
Chair, ICOM Europe