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February 20, 2020


Venice, a major center of art and culture through the ages and one of the most beautiful cityscapes of the world, is inscribed since 1987 in the World Heritage List. Overtourism and climate change of the recent period, characterized by an increase of the frequency of heavy rains and floods in Mediterranean regions, have negative impacts on this historical city, built on islands, the current high tide being one of the most dangerous threats it ever faces.

The participants to the 2019 Conference of ICOM Europe in Athens (Embracing the virtualEuropean museums respond to the digital challenge, Acropolis Museum, November 21-23) and the members of ICOM Greece are close to the Venetian colleagues of ICOM Italy and to the Venetian museum professionals hit by the terrible flood, that provoked damages to the heritage of their city and are at their disposal for any collaboration.